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Coal City Soccer Club relies on the help of our parents. Without them, we simply could not put on the quality soccer experience that we have become accustomed to. The following volunteer options are available and mandatory for every family playing soccer with us. Each family must choose one of these options, but only one parent must volunteer per family. Everyone is charged a $25.00 volunteer fee during registration, once the commitment has been fulfilled, you will be refunded the $25.00 at the end of the season.

How to volunteer

  • Head Coach

    Coaching is the most time consuming and rewarding of the available coaching positions. Experience is not required to coach with CCSC. In fact, most of our coaches had no prior experience playing/coaching soccer prior to signing up. We provide a go-to board member as a director of coaching as well training sessions for new coaches. You will be required to attend a mandatory meeting and attend all practices and games or be responsible for finding an assistant coach to take your place.

  • Assistant Coach

    Your role is to assist the head coach. You will have the option of attending meetings and will be required to attend all practices and games. If you cannot attend a scheduled practice or game, you are responsible for assuring there is a head coach or assistant coach for your team that day.

Coal City Soccer Club greatly appreciates the time given by all volunteers, especially coaches. Our coaches have a unique opportunity to impact the lives of our players in ways they sometimes wouldn't even consider. We look to have outstanding citizens and role models first, great soccer enthusiasts second. Coaches are subject to a background check and if there is any question or red flag, coaching applicants are not allowed to coach.

Coaches Code of Conduct
Disqualifying Offenses

Coaching in the Coal City Soccer Club, while appreciated, is a privilege, not a right. This list of Disqualifying Offenses was developed from Ohio Senate Bill 187 and as part of SAY's volunteer screening criteria and is applicable for coaches. While this list will be the de-facto guide used by SAY in determining what action is to be taken in regards to the results of the applicants background check, other factors may also be considered; such as the laws of a particular state in which the applicant resides, and mitigating circumstances. The Coal City Soccer Club Board of Directors reserves the right to prohibit a volunteer from coaching for offenses and activities deemed to be not in the best representation of the club- in addition to the below list.

                                                          Examples of Disqualifying Offenses

•  Aggravated murder

•  Murder

•  Voluntary manslaughter

•  Involuntary manslaughter

•  Felonious assault

•  Aggravated assault

•  Assault

•  Failing to provide for a functionally impaired person
•  Aggravated menacing

•  Patient abuse; neglect

•  Kidnapping

•  Abduction

•  Criminal child enticement

•  Rape

•  Sexual Battery

•  Unlawful sexual conduct with a minor

•  Gross sexual imposition

•  Sexual imposition

•  Importuning

•  Compelling prostitution

•  Promoting prostitution

•  Procuring

•  Prostitution; after positive HIV test

•  Disseminating (obscene) matter harmful to juveniles

•  Pandering obscenity

•  Pandering obscenity involving a minor

•  Pandering sexually oriented matter involving a minor

•  Illegal use of minor in nudity-oriented material or performance

•  Aggravated robbery

•  Robbery

•  Aggravated burglary

•  Burglary
•  Voyeurism

•  Placing harmful objects in food or confection

•  Felonious sexual penetration

•  Drug abuse beyond minor drug possession
•  Illegal administration or distribution of anabolic steroids

•  Funding of drug or marijuana trafficking

Concussion Training

All coaches MUST complete concussion training.  Concussion training must be completed every 3 years.  Certificate of Completion for the course must be kept in the coaches bag for all practices and games.

Click here to complete Concussion Training

Background Check

ALL coaches and bench assistants must fill out a background check BEFORE practices can begin. Background checks MUST be completed EVERY season.

 Click here to complete Background Check

Practice Lesson Plans
Follow this link to get some great lesson plans to use for practice planning:  Practice Lesson Plans
Skills and Tactical Benchmarks

The following is a set of skills and tactical benchmarks that our players should be able to do in each division. Please click on the following link to view the document:

  • Team Parent

    Team Parents are the communicator between CCSC and the team. You will be be responsible for some or all of the following(depending on volunteers available). Beginning of season hand outs, (picture forms, jerseys, socks), scheduling snacks for the game, (if your team decides to do so), recording and reporting scores from each game weekly, and organizing an end of season party and/or coaches gift. (If your team decides to do so.)

Team Parents play an important role on your child’s team and the Coal City Soccer Club appreciates your willingness to be active in your child’s activities.

Score Reporting

Scores must be reported by 3pm Sunday.  The Director of Team Parents will submit the scores to the Coal City Courant.  However, CCSC has no control over which scores or if any scores are printed.

Game scores will be copied and pasted to Facebook based on what team parents submit.  If scores are incorrect or names are wrong for scoring or spelled wrong, the issue needs to be taken up with the team parent.  Board members are not at every game so we do not know the specifics of the games.

Scores can be reported by clicking the link below:


Trip Responsibilities

Listed below are the tasks Team Parents will be asked to perform.:

Team Parents are the communicator between CCSC and the team. You will be be responsible for the following: beginning of season hand outs, (picture forms, jerseys, socks & raffle tickets), informing your team of their picture time slot, scheduling snacks for the game (if your team decides to do so), recording and reporting scores from every game, and organizing an end of season party and/or coaches gift. U10 and older divisions the team parent will be responsible for collecting birth certificates for the end of the season tournament.

  • Opt Out

    For those parents with no desire to volunteer or lack the time to do so, CCSC offers the option of opting out. This will forfeit the $25.00 volunteer fee paid with registration.

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